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Blue Ocean Residencies offer an exclusive service on Real Estate business for individual basis or for corporate clients. When we are planning your real estate investments, we first analyze what kind of exposure to the real estate market is appropriate for your situation. Different exposures produce varying levels of risk and return. Your choice will also influence the means by which you will acquire the real estate.

When you're looking for real estate, one of the most important criteria (aside from location) is the type of property. When considering a purchase, you need to ask yourself whether the underlying properties are, for example, residential homes, shopping malls, warehouses, office towers or a combination of any of these.

Each type of real estate has a different set of drivers influencing its performance. And to give you the best investment value, we Blue Ocean Residencies will step into every aspect of the deal to give you the best investment value in the most transparent and professional manner.

Types of Real Estate Investments

Office Property.

Offices are the "flagship" investment for many real estate owners. They tend to be, on average, the largest and highest profile property type because of their typical location in downtown cores and sprawling suburban office parks.

Retail Property

There is a wide variety of Retail properties, ranging from large enclosed shopping malls to single tenant buildings in pedestrian zones.

Industrial Property

Industrials are often considered the "staple" of the average real estate investor. Generally, they require smaller average investments, are less management intensive and have lower operating costs than their office and retail counterparts.

Multi-family Residential Property

Multi-family residential property generally delivers the most stable returns, because no matter what the economic cycle, people always need a place to live. The result is that in normal markets, residential occupancy tends to stay reasonably high.

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